Honestly I’ve waited to get into my twenties the most in order to bloom,explore and so much more…But now that I’m here I feel it’s the most difficult phase in life…you cant be a butterfly to flutter around here and there,rather you’ve to be wise and matured to select the best domain for yourself… And let’s not forget about “When are you getting Married”..I’m not against it, rather I do believe in the institution of marriage as much as anyone else would,but however this has also turned into a rat race like who bells the cat first and at the right age and of course with the most righteous person!!!

Maybe I wake up today and feel like conquering the world or leading a MNC,while someone else just wants to paint,dance,laugh,walk around and live a little more without any pressure of getting anywhere…

When I step on my heels I should be Smart And Brazen also at the same time I should be Courteous And Well Etiquetted I should speak about The current situation in our country or globally, over fashion and the new trend

And this is the time, we come across many people in our life and those many people, come with their own story either to scar you forever or let you cherish it for a lifetime…

But my personal suggestion would be,stick to your own ideologies and identity rather than getting influenced by others because there’s a strong possibility for you to go wrong,and that’s the time when people wash off their hands and hold no responsibility towards you…

Always remember the ones who come to scar you,are often masked with forgery effortlessly and we’ve to carry their baggage for a lifetime that we’ve to live by We’ve to start over again,To Trust,Heal And Love Not To Others But Yourself First And the ones who are genuine will always be Brutally honest,Compelling And Supportive hence your analogy should be very sweep…

Our so called modern and forward Generation has a lot more glitches than we could think off…Things ain’t simple anymore or just black and white…Rather its manipulated and blased…We are simply ostentatious at some point in time…

We’ve literally forgotten the little Joy’s of life while trying to build an idealistic image for ourselves...

Fidelity is a forgotten chapter Lies are the new gleam…either we are inundated by the person or situation…

The grotesque truth is that we still have to wake up every morning with a poker face, like nothing ever happened while our pillows have been a witness to all those sleepless and tearful nights…

But the question is are we still learning or taking lessons out of it?? Or are we still giving in with yet another hope of fallacy which will again turn out to be Painful And Cicatrix.

Not everyone is fortunate or shall be fortunate enough, to have all the things at their disposal and also at the right time,there are many who are still failing,learning and moving forward for the right time and right things to happen… 

Hence we are unable to bloom in our Twisted Twenties

P.S-Hope and Optimism is the key to life and one should never lose that be it in your Twisted Twenties or later in life

7 thoughts on “The Twisted Twenties

  1. Monty says:

    Wow.. You’ve summarized the challenges and the problems of 20’s beautifully. I think our 20’s are most selfless years. It’s a decade to immerse yourself in every single thing possible . Tinker with shit,travel, explore,love a lot and love a little..

    Wish you luck Raka.. Keep Writing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. rakabasu says:

      Thank You 😊


  2. Tintin says:

    This is your 5th blog and with every passing blog, you are becoming more stronger and more expressive. Well drafted and very well expressed.
    Your 20’s are your selfish years. You are old enough to take the right decisions and young enough to make the wrong ones. Be selfish with your time and your decisions.
    Ultimately you will lose people, sleep, luxaries and many other things as you strive towards your dream. You will realsie that acquiring new life may cost you your old one. But do not worry much, as sometimes you can only gain what you want by losing someone whom you no longer need in your twenties.

    God bless you Raka!! Will look forward for your next writing!!

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    1. rakabasu says:

      Thanks for your feedback but honestly losing people and being selfish was not the intent but I’m sure you’ve your reasons…😊


      1. Tintin says:

        May sincere apologies if my thought has reached out to you in a negative manner. It was never the intent and I thoroughly support you with your thought. Post reading your blog, I felt may be you have gone through difficult phase and hence wanted you to be strong and selfish so that you can take right decisions and acheive your dreams.
        My apologies once again if I have offended you in any way.


  3. Anuksha Moorjani says:

    Very well and boldly expressed……the twisted twenties. Keep writing and expressing girl, upward an onward.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. rakabasu says:

      Thank You 😊


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