Did we change or did the times change us???well I know the above statement doesn’t conclude anything,so let me take the liberty to do so…

Now the question is have we changed as humans or has the time become more modernised ?Why is it? That we’ve completely forgotten to greet a person when we meet them, remember we were taught to do so? GoodMorning,GoodAfterNoon,GoodEvening And GoodNight Rather these days its just Morning N Night

Hows You? than How are you? and mostly the replies are I’m good,WBU?over I’m fine,Thank You.How are you?

Why is it What are you upto? over What are you doing,these days Why do we say Hows Life? over How is everything at your end?

I know these terms or short forms sound very Cool and Fascinating to everyone but what about the simple English Language we were taught why Is it dying???

Why is it necessary to say Wanna grab a drink? Over Lets catch up for a cup of Tea or Coffee? or just calling a friend and saying Hey let’s go and grab some lunch or dinner? over Hey,let’s catch up over a meal if you are free?

Sometimes we may have to stay back at our friend’s or relatives place but the approach is Hey can I crash here tonight? over Can I stay back here tonight,if you don’t mind?

Chill,Chillax,Be Cool,Hang in there over Everything Is Going to be alright, Be Patient Or Just Breathe…

A simple Yes or No has turned into Yeah,K,Okies N Nope,Nah

I’m cognizant to the fact that times and ideologies have changed but is it very required for everything and anything?

We’ve literally forgotten to give relationships it’s due respect it’s no longer Father,Mother,Sister,Brother,Partner/Husband,To Be Spouse or Fiance,Childhood Friend rather its Mom/Mum/Dad,Sis,Bro,Bae,BF,Hubby,BumChum and so on please feel free to add some more if you remember…

I wanna date him/her over I want to be in a relationship with him/her

We find ourselves in difficult situations in life and we refer to them as Oh I’m screwed,I’m F##### up over I’m baffled,things ain’t working out and so on…

Sorry And Thank You belonged to the ancient times I guess,because we hardly get to hear them these days…

I’m not here to teach English Language to anyone; rather,I believe many of you may have a better command over it but my question is to the masses What’s Changed Or What’s Up???

Because often even I find myself also using these terms…I understand not everything can be Vintage forever rather we’ve to have our hands on what’s trending in order to be in contemporary…

But is it very important to Tamper Or Re-Do everything?Be it a language that is simple and Sober but just to make it sound Jazzy…

Lets try to keep certain things as it is, and not leverage with it, because sometimes the beauty of certain things are better being simple and subtle….

4 thoughts on “What’s changed?Or what’s up???

  1. Tintin says:

    Completely agree with you on this. At times I literally go cluless listening to this generation folks. These millenial folks sounds cool but lack warmth and apnapan when they talk… Good topic for a debate and thanks for bringing this up…looking forward for your next blog and thanks for keeping us engaged with this kind of unique topic during this challenging time…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. rakabasu says:

      Thank You 😊


  2. Mohit Singh says:

    Something many people can relate to…Indeed a good topic..

    Welldone 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. rakabasu says:

      Thank You 😊


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