Today we rejoice this day know as Janmashtami or Gokulashtami when our history witnessed your birth and the revolution there after…But what exactly should I call you? Makhan Chor Or Nand Kishor as we are versed to the fact that you have 108 names to be precise…

Even though your birth givers were Devika & Vasudeva but you were raised by Yashoda & Nanda because their lies a story about your birth and safety…

You can find a link below to know more about his life,stories around his birth and so on;

Your five main weapons which are known as; Sudarshana Chakra,Sharga bow,Narayan Astra,Nandak Sword & Kaumudaki Gada, but your attributes which mesmerise us are Charm,Tenderness,Compassion & Love

You are also known as Lord Vishnu’s 8th Avatar

Even though we all know that Rukmini was your wife but you had 16,108 wives who were rescued by you from Narkasura, The Demon. Eventually to return your favour all of them got married to you. Radha is known to be the love of your life, was your devotee; whereas there are many women who are either known to be in love with you,commonly known as Gopiyans and there are others who found peace to devote their lives to you…

As you play the flute so beautifully that nobody can resist hence,even the peacocks got enticed and danced all day long to your rhythm.And at the end of the light,The king of the peacocks offered his feather with great humility as an offering to Lord Krishna

Many of us look upto you in different ways and pray to you for different reasons as you are worshiped for many reasons; Love,Compassion Or in hope for the women who are expecting

Even though you are known as a Hindu God but you shall embrace anyone who worships you by heart…

Your life story is a huge saga which teaches us a lot of things in life be it Love,Patience Or Courage

You’ve many shades to yourself and worshiped for each…But you reside in our hearts till we take our last breath…

P.S-The above content is not to challenge or debate with anyone with their respective mythological stories or beliefs

Happy Janmashthami

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4 thoughts on “Dear Krishna,

  1. Tintin says:

    Simple, nice and insightful.. Keep up the good work…

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    1. rakabasu says:

      Thanks for your valuable feedback 😊


  2. Pritika Banerjee says:

    Such a knowledgeable write up…loved it…keep writing more please

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    1. rakabasu says:

      Thanks for your valuable feedback 😇


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