Even though this content is for my respective teachers but having said that, I guess my first Teachers were my parents, so I’d like to thank one and all for their Lessons N Teachings...

Speaking about teachers is just walking down the memory lane…And my first journey started with Learning Tree Kolkata my kindergarten school…My very first Teacher Anuradha Ma’am,more than a teacher I found a motherly figure in her and it’s my utmost pride to say that I’m still in touch with her as on date! Then I started going to *G.D Birla Centre For Education (Ghyansham Das)..

My first teacher at G.D Birla Centre For Education was Madhudipa Ma’am and she continued to be my teacher till class 2…And I had many more lovely teachers over the years which was nothing but a blessing, I feel extremely blessed to have them in my life!

Back in school we never understood why our teachers are sometimes Strict N Stringent whatever they do or not is only for our betterment and that’s about it and beyond any comparison…

I only started to realise this when I dared to step into their shoes back at 28th August 2016 in Little Oxford (Ras Al Khaimah,Dubai) N then in 2018 Kidzee (Pune)

Trust me I had no idea that a thing that looks so simple can be so challenging!Everyday is a new way with its respective challenges and turns around it…You cannot predict a child’s mood or thought process even though you happen to be his/her Teacher…

You’ve swindle away with a smile sometimes or make a frown to those innocent faces to teach them something…

I just Hope N Pray as much as I’m ever grateful to my Teachers every single day of my life because I strongly believe they’ve made me who am i today and the rest is how much I could pick up from it! At least my little ones have a smile on their face when they think of me if not anything else…

Happy Teachers Day, Dear Teachers Thank You for everything even though a little Thank You is not enough my heartfelt gratitude shall stay with you all until I live…

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