Jia=life,sweetheart & luck…

And today I’m here to speak about my baby niece who turns 5 today!exactly 5 years ago on this very day at 10:43 AM,and such an irony she was born on a Monday and today happens to be Monday again!She comes into our life and spreads happiness like never before!And when I saw and touched her for the first time I was chocked crying my heart out,in ecstatism…

Because it was like seeing your own flesh and blood in a form of a little baby…Though she is not through me,but I believe she does carries a little bit of me…
Its said all you need is one reason to be happy and I guess I got mine…Even though her good name is Arirtree.Jia was given by me as her pet name but now a days, she is popularly know as Jia

When she was born I was a 20yrs old young woman! Who had no head and tail of motherhood…But someone said it right “Its a child,who gives birth to a mother….

I’m her Aunt and usually we bengoli’s calls our Aunts as Mashi but I always wanted her to call me Mimi and so did she or let’s just say I was introduced as Mimi to Jia

5long years and I’ve seen this girl growing up every single day!Be it through her highs or high temperature!I had no clue how to change a diaper but I learnt!I had no freaking idea that how important it is for a baby to burp after his/her feed but then I learnt!I had no idea colic pain in infants is very common and has some real affective home remedies to it but I learnt!And I keep learning something or the other every single day…My first hand experience in motherhood, is definitely through her…

A little note to all those mothers who are expecting and are anxious about how to handle a baby and are reading books and looking up at the internet for baby hacks!Dear to be mommies,calm down suggestions can definitely be a help!But trust me when you shall wear the shoes of a Mother you yourself shall know all the hacks!
As this little girl keeps me on my toes and vice versa!We share a bond that is beyond words which has all the notions possible be it love,hate,being scared or being crazy together…

But all that I want that this little girl achieves everything that she desires and soo  much more and makes me super proud which I’m sure she will…
Mimi only loves Jia

Happy Birthday My doll❤

2 thoughts on “Happy 5th Birthday Jia!

  1. Tintin says:

    Happy 5th birthday to the lil princess….god bless you sweetheart….
    Well written Ms Basu aka Mimi…keep it up!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. rakabasu says:

      Thank you very much 😇


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