I never thought Leaving Behind Pune also known as Queen of the deccan would be so difficult for me…A city where I wasn’t even born or raised! I first visited Pune in 2012 and ever since that I started getting a hang of it…

I’ve been to different cities in India as well and all of them are beautiful in their own ways but Pune really made me feel home after Kolkata

A city where the local language is Marathi but I met a bengoli at every other step I took…Now I’m sure all of you know Pune has a lot of history and historical places to be visited, also it is known as one of the best cities for education (Symbiosis) being one of them and the most prominent one… Sancheti Hospital is considered one of the best hospitals across India for orthopedic treatment and their other medical facilities too…

There are many near by beautiful places for a perfect weekend getaway to name a few; Mahabaleshwar,Lonavla,Lavasa,Khandala,Panchgani and soo many more!

And there is soo much more to this city be it food,or the most hot and happening pubs/disc or places…

But coming back to my point when I first visited Pune,I never thought I’ll be able to adjust or even like this city but sooner than I realised I started growing an affinity towards this city and how!!!

It is also because of the people I met there and eventually became friends with there are innumerable memories that I’ve made!

I’ll be ever greatful to Pune for giving me such Beautiful people and memories! My heart bleeds to even think I no longer reside there or will be able to see my friends whenever I want to…

Being a bengoli I found a Fish Market lots of Sweet Shops and so much more!

I wasn’t aware that Pune held so many Durga Puja’s for Prabashi Bangali’s (Migrant Bengali’s) like me…

Oikyotan Bangiya Parishad is one of the bengali associations that arranges Durga Puja every year…

I love cooking hence I started a Tiffin Service in Pune as well, known as *Jia’s Kitchen* there are so many memories, things and people around this city that I’m going to cherish and miss forever…

For now I shall only pray Maharashtra recovers its present state of Covid19 and gets back to it’s own like it was…

I’m going to miss you Pune more than you’ll ever know or I’ll be able to Penn it down!

4 thoughts on “Leaving Behind

  1. Shweta says:

    Heartwarming write up Piya, oh I could tell you how much You are missed …will meet up soon ….

    Liked by 2 people

    1. rakabasu says:

      Thank You Shweta,I miss you all too❤


  2. Sana says:

    Some places last forever in ur memories….

    Liked by 2 people

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