We all know what it means,
But do we really keep that in mind?

Yes I know there are some people who are extremely strong willed and actually take notes from their past but,often as humans we give in to things thinking it wouldn’t be the same way but unfortunately things turn out to be the same maybe in a different way…

We all have dreams,aspirations or deep feelings for someone but whoever or whatever fails to give you a name and space from day one is never meant to be.

Does that mean we should stop trying?No, maybe we should try to look into things in a different light or perspective.

A different sight maybe scary at first but trust me it will turn out to be different than the past…We as humans evolve and learn something new every single day of our lives…Rather than taking notes from what has happened I think making a note of what Is happening is way more insightful…

Lets not make friends,colleagues or form any kind of relationships just for the sake of it.Relations are easy to make but very difficult to maintain!

It seems easy but trust me it isn’t, as everyday you’ll be thrown with a new challenge or situation to handle.Being impatient is the most deadly virus to your bond…

Sink in that and be open to understand and be in his/her shoes to feel or face the situation!

And if you cant please dont start something that you cannot finish.

Bidding a goodbye comes easy but saying a new Hello doesn’t!

Because we get coy and start contemplating on things in the name of being wise…Rather concentrate on what you’ve already build rather than thinking of a new structure!

But having said that if at any point you feel their is an inconsistency of the notions move ahead it’s not meant to be…

A future that’s so hazy cannot make your journey any easy!

You’ve been used in the past dont let it happen again hence watch,listen and observe and then take action…

But taking an action Is important be it for the future or present dont be a fool!

I know it’s easier said than done but there is no harm in trying…

Rejuvenate yourself first and then try to nurture the following because an empty mind and soul shall never be able to fill in the gaps…

Last but certainly not the least Once Bitten twice shy but do we really keep that in mind?

4 thoughts on “Once bitten twice shy?

  1. Tintin says:

    God bless u!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. rakabasu says:

      Thank you and same to you😇


  2. Sana says:

    Dont start a thing that u cannot finish….a thought to end a day…nicely written

    Liked by 2 people

    1. rakabasu says:

      Thanks for your valuable feedback 😇


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