I think rape is everywhere in the world! But unfortunately India is leading it…But why??? Is a woman only a piece of flesh or commodity to men?

There are many such cases across the globe, which not only chill our spines but we often contemplate how barbaric one can be??? The women is not only raped but also murdered. Sometimes after rape, to destroy evidence they are burned alive. Some rapists are sadists enough to insert rods in the internal parts of a girl. Sometimes the limbs of the women are cut off if they try to protest or fight against the rape. Small children bleed to death because of forceful penetration by the rapists.

It is not only pensive but also sad that no one is spared in such cases- whether it is a little girl, a young lady or an elderly woman. The age of a woman does not matter to a rapist neither the consent as long as they can fulfil their own selfish desires.

To these sick minds women are nothing but a prey for the day for their nasty desires!

The truth is that if it’s not consensual it’s a Rape and that’s about it… None of us have forgotten the Nirbhaya Case nor can we, especially woman in India…

This 2012 landmark case brought forward the areas where law is still lacking in saving women. This case proved that woman is not safe even in the capital of India. According to studies made by Government, most of the cases of rape are not reported. Some fear non-support from family and relatives while others bow down before the societal pressures. In our society instead of supporring the victim, they are slut-shamed. Before Nirbhaya case there have been many cases of rape where the accused walked away freely because of lack of evidence. One of the major issue in handling rape cases is that the victim does not have proper knowledge about the laws and how to deal with it. Many of the victims are unable to make a stronger case because the medical examination was not done on time. There are instances where the police instead of supporting the victim and their family, suggest not to file FIR and to settle it within themselves. Many women has also been victims of custodial rape. However, the Nirbhaya case set a new precedent in India and stated how rape cases and laws should be handled. After the Nirbhaya case some changes were brought in the then existing rape laws. The new anti-rape laws have been made more stringent in terms of punishment which also included death punishment for repetitive rape offenders.

The term ‘rape‘ is our living nightmare. We always have to be conscious about our dressing, talking or behaviour because rape is such an offence where instead of the offender, the victim is stated to be at fault. Such situation is prevailing in present times because firstly, the society has always been patriarchal which is till date does not value the opinion of woman and considered women to be secondary and secondly even if stict laws have been formulated, the implementation of such laws is still not upto mark.

What the society and its people needs to understand is that a woman is not a commodity. She is a person who deserves to live with dignity and should be treated with equal respect. There are some countries who have very strict and stringent rules for the accused and I, being a woman, salute them. In these type of cases no clarification or testification is required. Just punish them – it’s as simple as that.

Some gulf countries have open punishments to not only humiliate the accused but also to give a fair warning to those who even think of such things.

If you go through the stats you’ll be shocked! According to National Crime Records Bureau rape is the fourth most common crime against women in India. India alone had 32,033 rape cases reported and registered as stated in their 2019 annual report. But rather than being shocked lets take a stand and let me remind you there lies a marital rape also! In marital rape the wife does not even get the right to choose whether she wants to have intercourse with her husband. The society has always been patriarchal and therefore consent of women never mattered in terms of sex in marriage. Most of time the girl’s family does not suport the girl.

What is needed most at this hour is to educate everyone that woman deserves equal respect and dignity and strict implementation of anti rape laws. Only when we stand together we will be able to stop every offence committed against women.

10 thoughts on “Rape or Ripped?!?

  1. pradyutghosh says:

    These people are not humans. These demons should not be punished humanely. They should be punished in the most painful way possible.

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  2. Sana says:

    This is actually devastating….and victims r increasing day by day everywhere…

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  3. Tintin says:

    Everything in life is writable…if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt and your writings prove that you have overcome the same…keep up the good work!!

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    1. rakabasu says:

      Thanks for sharing

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  4. Kinza Affan says:

    These things are getting out of hands and not in just our countries but through out the world…
    Women kids and even dead people aren’t safe now a days.
    I really hope authorities start taking some serious actions on this matter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. rakabasu says:

      I hope the same!


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