Hey there fellow readers!
I know it’s been a while since I’ve been actively writing or reading. Rather than giving some lame excuse I would simply like to point out that I was a bit engaged in personal affairs…However I’m back and ought to keep writing,reading and getting inspired!

Now the header of my blog says A slice of cake or A slice of Life? which simply means we’d want both and in the best way possible but do we actually get what we prefer?

This entire year has been completely topsy turvy for all of us,in its own respective manner…Unfinished goals,plans or idea’s that might have been initiated early this year,everything takes a back seat for the unseen scenario!

Just like you order a soffule and a cheese cake is bought to your table instead!

We all want to eat all the yummilicious desserts out there but counting the calories or other threats to health we slow down or simply ignore and move ahead with our daily stringent diet. Simply put,like life we want it all Peace,Prosperity,Wealth,Health,Love,Affection,Joy etc but do we get it all?Nah, each of them have their own negotions and threats to it…

Now that its almost the end of the year and while we look back what do we see?A year full of disappointments,unfinished aspirations or maybe a break up?

Just like you order a sizzling brownie with vanilla ice cream but the brownie turns out to be hard as a rock!

That’s how life is too I guess as much as we would want to simplify it the rocks keep getting amplified!

Just like a bowl of custard!We refrigerate it thinking it’ll set perfectly but unfortunately when you pull it out its slimy…

This year has been a crazy crazy year for me!I’ve been shutting down and backing out of any or everything that comes in between my heart and brain while being feisty and unresolved!Left behind a few friends,relations,dreams not all of which can be blamed on the people surrounding me.To aptly put it relationships are nothing but a variable feeling being shared between both individuals thus maybe somewhere,I fell short and somewhere did the other…

Just like you put a cake in the oven to bake but at last its burnt and you keep wondering why?

A why can be gritty!Simply because either you can play the blame game or come to terms with what fell short in you!I know sometimes it’s hard to accept your own shortcomings but ultimately for the longer run its beneficial for you as next time you’d exactly know what to do or not…

Just like knowing the perfect ingredients to a subtle pudding for dinner!

But what’s upsetting or scary is what haunts us at the end of the day for what happened or what didn’t…

Just like feeling guilty after a bowl full of your favourite ice cream with nuts and raisens in it…

But nevertheless like we’ve almost got a hang of the new normal we’ll get a hang of the unfinished tales this year too! Learn,observe,realise,work on it and ought to start it in a new way with a new beginning next year because life,is the best teacher you’d ever come across!

Just like without no burns and cuts a perfect slice of cake is impossible…

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